Monday, December 29, 2008

holy crap! its christmas time!

merry belated christmas from the krummenachers
its been a busy busy month, so here is a recap of things we enjoyed in the month of december:


for family night before christmas we had a little family christmas party.
it started at our house with steve's krazy subs for dinner, then we drove around in the rain and looked at christmas lights and ended up at greg and brooke's house for dessert.

garrett, brodie, and cosmo checking under the christmas tree.
(i LOVE this picture!!)

delaina and ken

brooke, greg, julia and angela

alisha and brodie, michael, erika and my nephew garrett

dad, mom and ken


cosmo painted the frames gray and got pictures to put in them. he made the frame to go around all of the pictures and painted the shelf that holds our last name. i love it! homemade presents are the best! i got it early so my family could see it up while they were here.


one of my really good friends "genius mike"
he was visiting from cali where he is a hoity toity recording engineer at bomb shelter studios (look it up!) and its always rad to see him
"...i got a $20 bill...."

watching the UFC fight.
i'm not talking about the outcome once again....

dinner at some fancy schmancy pizza place: la grande orange pizzeria (but say it with a french accent) with dick and erica

dick and cosmo trying out some new root beer

erica, sean, and lafe roasting marshmallows (notice lafe's burly man beard)
lafe and bea had a christmas party with DELICIOUS hungarian food that bea made and then we made smores on lafe's outdoor fire place. i wish i had taken more pictures that night because we had a lot of fun!! thanks lafe and bea!

cosmo playing with bubbles in lafe's backyard...
this is why i love him.

cosmo cutting out sugar cookies for our nursery kids.

(for those that dont know, me and cosmo are nursery leaders... can you believe they trust us with kids?!)

look what we did!! i dont mean to toot my own horn, but we are so nice. except who knew 2 year olds went to bed at 8:30!? apparently we didnt... oops.

cosmo's creation: they are peanut butter rice krispie treats dipped in chocolate. and dont worry, he meticulously placed each little speck of holly on each one.

my holiday wreaths. basically rice krispie treats with corn flakes instead of rice krispies and green food coloring. spectacular.

*WHEW* so that was a quick overview..
christmas eve and christmas day to soon follow.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

a new addition to the family

while aimlessly wandering around michaels, something we like to do in our spare time (even though cosmo will never admit that he secretly loves that store), cosmo ran across this little gem.
at first glance you might think to yourself- 'whats so special about a nutcracker??'
oooh but look closer.
this is no ordinary nutcracker.
this is a MONKEY PIRATE nutcracker.
how could we pass up this wonderful opportunity to have such a find in our home!?!

meet pagota the monkey pirate nutcracker.
yes, we named him.

pagota is currently standing under our tree guarding all of our presents.
who would want to steal presents with this staring you in the face?!
i hope he doesnt scare off santa....

aww...nothing says christmas like a monkey pirate nutcracker...

pick one up at your local michaels store.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

the transformation

it started out as part of a halloween costume, but halloween came and went and the beard and hair stayed....and got longer, and longer, and longer.....
i knew he had had it for too long when i actually started liking it.
last week my dreams came true when he decided to shave and get a haircut.


he looks like a little boy! i love it!
so what does everyone think? before? or after?

pass the turkey please

this post is a few weeks late, but its been busy. tis the season.
thanksgiving was spent in st george utah with cosmo's family. it was nice to get out of the heat and to catch up with his family.
i'm still getting used to this 'spending the holidays without your family' thing.....

cosmo and his brother trent.
when cosmo isnt all beardy, they look pretty similar. i think trent got a few butt smacks from me thinking he was cosmo... oops...
jenn #2 and jenn #1.
this is trent's wife jenn. of course we both go by jenn with 2 n's and since she was here before me, she gets to be jenn #1 and i'm #2. it makes for fun times. she just passed her BAR which makes me feel very unaccomplished figuring she's just a few months older then me...

eva (trent and jenn's daugher) and cosmo playing in the park.
i'm convinced that she hates me. she's way way too cool for school.

the day after thanksgiving cosmo and his dad and brother's went golfing
left to right: jeff (cosmo's dad), todd, trent, brett, cosmo, and david. eva sneaked into the front