Tuesday, January 19, 2010

pity party. table for one.

since i STILL cant download pictures onto my computer, i'll get some advice from everyone in another pictureless post....

Remember Jeremiah ?

well.... i went back for a trim. a TRIM.
nothing more. nothing less.

i raved about how much i loved his last hair cut, and i told him i wanted it exactly the same, just my ends needed to be trimmed up because i torture them with my blow dryer and flat iron daily.

i went in with a smile. i came out with tears. (my poor husband... i was on suicide watch for a good 48 hours..)

i lived with it for about a week until i finally got up the guts and called and asked if he could fix it. (i have NEVER done that before, but i had spent too much money to hate it as much as i did..)

So i went back in and he 'fixed' it.
4 1/2 inches later.... my long hair was not so long anymore.
ok...so its still long.... just not as long....
and its still not as good as it was the very first time he cut it...

SO...... do i go back next time i need a trim and give him another chance?? or do i cut my losses and continue my search...
am i being to critical?
am i a brat?
should i relax and stop whining?


maybe i should cut it short again...
LONG (before the quote, unquote, trim)

sorta SHORT (with britt and shasta, girls i love!)
(its been shorter, but cant find a decent pic of it right now...)

thoughts? ideas? inspirations? dreams? wishes? hopes? desires?