Thursday, May 12, 2011

a letter to the kid

dear baby,

you are definitely your mother's kid and want to do things your own way.
believe me, i get it.
but will you please move around a little bit so that youre not laying with your head in my back and feet in my stomach. its not very comfortable and they say it will just get worse the more you grow if you dont change positions.
i know you can move, youre doing backflips like a crazy ninja in there.
if you could just do a little twist in one of those flips and reposition yourself, i'd be grateful.
the ultrasound tech laughed when she saw how you were laying, and told me you already danced to the beat of your own drum.
you will have years ahead of you to make me miserable.
just give in this time, and i'll give you ice cream for breakfast when you get here.
i love your little translucent ninja guts already.
love, mom

below is an artists renditioning of your position:
(click to enlarge)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

this post was brought to you by the letter "P"

first comes...

then comes....
then comes...

after a few heartaches through the past year and lots of prayers and time spent holding our breath, we're excited to finally tell people- I'M PREGNANT!

the first trimester was a nightmare that i do not wish on even my worst enemy (who in their right mind does this more then once?!!?).
but i'm starting to feel better and can actually function without hating my life.
doctor says baby is strong and healthy, and its such a relief to hear.

thanks to everyone close to us for your thoughts and prayers through the roller coaster ride that this has been. luckily we're off the crappy ride now and on to the fun one. one where they give you a baby at the end..... thats only slightly scary....