Friday, June 8, 2012

you sneaky mom!

when van takes his naps, if he is being extra cranky, i will just duck down and sit on the floor by his crib and pop up and give him his binki when he spits it out and pop back down and wait for him to calm down and fall asleep. this is a lot easier then going in and out of his room and he usually goes to sleep within 5-10 minutes.
on this particular day, i was doing just that and playing on cosmo's phone while i waited. 
all of a sudden it got really quiet.
maybe he's out..
then i felt a pair of little eyes looking at me.
i looked up to see this

he had pulled down the crib bumper and was staring directly at me, looking quite offended by the whole situation.
i started laughing so hard because it caught me so off guard. he had never done this before!
luckily, i had cosmo's phone with me and snapped this quick picture
 have i mentioned before how much i love this kid?