Monday, May 20, 2013

you say goodbye. i say hello.

its been 2 months since we have been in florida and what a long busy 2 months it has been. 

instead of boring you with boring details, here are a ton of pictures again.
that's all anyone cares about anyway, right?!

sorry for the poor quality of pictures. they are all from my phone.

on the flight from arizona to florida

he was the BEST traveler.
we both fell asleep for almost 3 hours of the 5 hour flight.
not going to lie, my butt was numb when we woke up.

van with all our luggage.
this is everything we have until we find a house and get our stuff out of storage.
we are in temp housing until we find a house.

we made it to florida.
can you tell how happy i am?

we have arrived

all the patios are screened in because there are so many bugs.
fun, huh?

brusters! ocala's only redeeming quality.
best ice cream ever.
and they blow bubbles from the roof.


first sunday in ocala headed to church

my roly poly potato bug
this is his favorite spot in the apartment ???

cosmo and van at the park
i cant tell who is having more fun

playing with bugs from a package from grandma!

got his game face on for the ward easter egg hunt

checking out a baby chick on easter

van's "cheese" face

bed head

my little artist water painting

he fell back on his butt seconds after i took this

his favorite thing to do is play in the car.
we avoid meltdowns by letting him play in the front seat for a few minutes before putting him in his carseat.
he has us trained.


we may or may not visit brusters several times a week.....

he has such a hard life

we bought a house!!
just waiting for the stupid thing to close....
more on the house in another post.
those yellow walls are the first thing to go.

van gives a mean stink eye

he was beyond thrilled that i gave him the whole cookie
...from brusters.....
can you tell we like it?

cosmo has every other friday off (its awesome) so we are trying to explore florida.
we drove to daytona (about an hour and a half away) and stayed for the weekend.
the weather was perfect and it was nice to get out of our tiny cramped apartment.

he was not happy with me when i tried to put more sunblock on him.
did you know its hard to put sunblock on a wet sweaty sandy toddler?

miracles do exist.
church is right at naptime and he actually fell asleep during sacrament meeting.
van's favorite thing to play with right now is sticks.
give this kid a stick and he is happy forever.
we are just learning that you dont hit with them....
it makes me SO HAPPY that he loves playing on the longboard.
prodigy in the making.
make me some money!
out exploring.
i love that his pockets are always filled with rocks and sticks and acorns
yellow pants!
eri,ang,jules- proof i finally wore them!
it happened again!
sunday church naps are what dreams are made of
giant baby playing in the grass 
florida is green.
house hunting
so.. there you go.

another post over loaded with pictures.

i really dont have a lot to tell right now.
cosmo is liking his job and they are treating him well.

i will say one positive thing about florida, it definitely is beautiful. 
i cant deny that.

hopefully next time i post we will be moved into our new house (fingers crossed!) and i can tell that little delightful story.

until next time, happy humidity.