Thursday, June 25, 2009


Michael Joseph Jackson
August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009


i love my husband because he can actually understand what all of this means....

these are his actual notes from his engineering class he's in right now.
he's smart.

these are my math skills:

i hope our future kids inherit his brains and his tan skin.

you can tell he was amused that i took his picture.

thank you cosmo for being so smart and tan.
i love you too much!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

worst. day. ever.

**WARNING: the following post is really whiny... even by my standards...**

my little sister angela graduated from red mountain highschool.
yay for ang!
and on that happy note, i hated my life that day.

let me preface this by saying i wasnt in the best of moods to start off the day.
i know you are all thinking-"what?! jenn cranky??!! no..."
but i was very cranky.
there are reasons for this, but i wont blog about it because of dick's 'rules of what not to blog about' , but you can probably take an educated guess..

it hasnt rained in months and months and months and of course, the day of her graduation comes, and its raining. i kept secretly hoping they would cancel it being outside and have it in the gym and the auditorium.
on this hope, i didnt really dress for rain, and went over to my parents house to wish ang luck.
then i find out they are going to brave the rain and have it outside... oh no...
but how bad can it be right?
only problem is, i just straightened my hair.
that sounds stupid, but i have wavy/curly hair and its thick, so when i straighten it, it takes me a little over an hour to blow dry it and straighten it. so knowing it was going to get ruined in the rain, just added to my crankiness.

i debated taking my umbrella, but then figured that it was kinda rude to put an umbrella up in the football bleachers, and figured everyone else would have that same thoughtful thinking.
we show up and its sprinkling, we look up in the stands and everyone has umbrellas.
we find a spot and sit down, and on top of the rain coming down on me, i have the people in front of me with an umbrella and all the water pouring off of their umbrella into my lap and occasionally getting hit in the head with it.

my nerves were wearing thin.

my dad had brought a few rain ponchos and so we put those on.
the one i chose to wear had a big rip in the front that had been taped up and the tape kept sticking to my face.

you can imagine my patience at this point.
julia, elizabeth, and erika braving the rain

exhibit A: this is me NOT having fun.
me, mom, dad, juila, and michael

then we sat through some stupid guy who went on and on about obama and how great he is and the change that is going to happen.
this had nothing to do with graduation and it was obvious that everyone was miserable, most importantly, I was miserable, so get on with it already!

then they finally get to the point where they are going to start reading all 800+ names, and the seniors busted out beach balls and the readers wont start reading until they take away all the beach balls, so we sat there for another 5 minutes in silence getting rained on.

this is when i had a nervous breakdown and lost it.
i wont go into the embarrassing details, but i ripped off my raincoat and hoodie, and ended up sitting there getting soaked in the rain.
my dad laughed at me and told me i needed a xanax.
i think i needed several.

finally the names are all read and the graduation is over.
here's me and angela on the field.
and dad in the background trying my patience even more.

she graduated with honors and i am really proud of her.
i barely graduated, so she was leaps and bounds ahead of me!

but oh no, the story doesnt end here.
just to put the final nail in the coffin, when we were walking back to the car, i was walking next to a chain link fence and my hood caught on the fence and pulled me back and choked me AND ripped a big hole in the hood of my hoodie.

sigh... the worst day ever.