Saturday, March 27, 2010

confessions of a pictureless blogger...

still no pictures.
with everything going on in life right now, getting new space for the computer has been last on the list of priorities and concerns..
right now the goal in life- survival.

one of my survival modes- shopping.... more so window shopping... i love looking at all the fancy clothes i want online without ever really buying anything.. i love picturing how i would make it work and how it would look. but when reality kicks in, i'm a boring white vneck t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. no accessories, no fuss, no fun. maybe to add some spice, i'll throw in an occasional colored hoodie. oh how i love my hoodies....

i have big dreams of dressing girly. i really do. i look at old vintage websites over and over. admiring how girls can have the imagination to pull some of these outfits together.
my style icon = zooey deschanel in 500 days of Summer. actually, just her in general.
i WANT to be that girly girl with that old vintage fashion feel. i WANT to wear ruffles and pretty colors and accessorize.
but morning comes and my white vneck calls my name over and over again. taunting me with its comforting and carefree/non-fuss ways.

and guess what.
it wins.
game over.