Thursday, December 24, 2009

what would macgyver do?

you know you're from arizona when you go out to your car in the morning to discover that your windows are covered in ice and you panic.

the panic is eased when you realize you can scrape it off with a cd case.

thank you macgyver.

i was just told credit cards also work wonders.....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

multiple choice test

i found myself in a predicament this past weekend...

i happened to realize i had X amount more money free to spend then had been planned.
this X amount of money just so happened to be enough to either:

A. get a hair cut and feel fabulous or

B. get the (much needed) alignment fixed on my car

guess which one i chose......
and guess if my dad just rolled his eyes and sighed or not....

on a side note:
due to wonderful technology, i have not been able to download new pictures onto my computer for a while... when i get this little error fixed, i have a lot of catching up to do, so stay tuned for all the fun and excitement! i know you're holding your breath!

Monday, November 23, 2009

killing me softly

murder mystery dinner at the four dueces
holy scary red eyes!
my little brother greg and his wife brooke threw a murder mystery dinner.
roaring 20's was the theme.
i was a baroness and cosmo was a detective.
who doesnt love dressing up?!
except red lipstick is NOT my color...

actually...i think lipstick in general is not my color...

our camera wasnt working very well, so i didnt take a lot of pictures, but if you want to see more pictures of everyone dresseed up (and you do!) go to my sister-in-laws blog HERE

thanks greg and brooke for a murder filled night!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

something wicked this way comes

do you want to re-live halloween because its memory is fading all too quickly?
yeah me too!

shane and josie had us over to carve pumpkins.
cosmo didnt get there until late because of school, so i just watched.
this was shane's awesome pumpkin!
josie's rad mummy!

life long dream of mine came true this halloween.
i dressed up as peter pan.
.......we already had the costume........
.......only really funny to those who know why we had it........

cosmo was jon. as in: wendy michael and jon.
except everyone thought he was harry potter.
since when did harry potter wear a top hat and nightgown?

my nephew brodie as
M-I-C (see ya real soon!)
K-E-Y (why? because we like you!)

alisha made his costume.
i told him i wanted to squish him because he was so cute,
to which he replied in disgust-

he had had one too many pictures taken of him, and he was NOT having one more...

"and I JACK! the pumpkin king"

my little brother michael as
jack skellington from nightmare before christmas.
my mom made his costume which turned out AMAZING.

my sisters angela and erika as nerds.
and no, i'm not the jolly green giant.
i just happen to look huge next to them.
ang in all her glory.
sadly, the shirt and suspenders are mine...
not sure what that says about me...
erika jill.
what boy could resist this face?!

the untold romance of peter and jon....

as the cries start to penetrate still air
this day we celebrate
the wait now ends
from four corners smoke plumes into a reddened sky
in the face of lantern light, tonight my destiny lies.
this day so hallowed, this day so hallowed,
from here to forever its will I will follow
tonight will come to life.
deadened branches stirred by whispers in the wind
fall children fill the streets at dusk, at last, it all will begin
tonight will come to life
happy halloween!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

the happiest place on earth...or in cosmo's words "the greatest exploitation of children"

we pulled some east coast/west coast action in the month of october.

the weekend after we went to new york, we drove to california and met up with my whole family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, mom and dad!) to go to disneyland!!

i am holding my nephew garrett.
we like to pretend we have a family.

the haunted mansion is decorated like nightmare before christmas,
which = awesome.


can i tell you- i LOVE halloween, so it was SO FUN to be there in october and see all the decorations!!

shasta is basically part of my family, and she was out in cali the same time we were, so she met up with us.

i think this was the only time cosmo was happy.
the whole day, the only thing he wanted to do was ride autotopia.

brodie and alisha on autotopia

i got yelled at by some cranky man in line for taking this picture.
are you allowed to yell in disneyland?!?!
finding nemo submarine ride.

the, hands down, greatest ride in disneyland.
cosmo pretending to be happy.

i have to apologize to all my family members for being so cranky.
yup. i was cranky in disneyland.
i didnt know it was possible either.

it was HOT.
like melting lava hot.

and i have to apologize for not getting more pictures of everyone together..
i didnt realize it until i got home and got them onto my computer!

but thanks grandpa and grandma for getting us all together and for such a fun time!!


not to be sacrilegious, but i would like to think that if God wanted a hotdog,
he would go here to get it.
this is SKOOBYS.
located in the heart of hollywood california on hollywood blvd,
i still remember the first time this heavenly hotdog hit my lips.
my friend cj got really hungry one night while we were all in cali to see a band play. he went on a crusade to find something open at 3am. he came back with skoobys hotdogs and the holy grail of hotdogs was discovered.
its a MUST to hit it up every time i'm in california.
i'll admit, in the past when i was still single and fun, i have made special trips out there, just to get a hot dog.

not only are their hotdogs delicious, their french fries and special dipping sauce are to die for.
their fresh hand squeezed lemonade isnt bad either.

lets just chalk it up by saying i love this place.
and you will too if you ever get lucky enough to taste the goodness that is SKOOBYS.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"...imagine no possession.
i wonder if you can.
no need for greed or hunger.
a brotherhood of man.
imagine all the people
sharing all the world..."

we were the second people there to start off the celebration for john lennon's birthday (oct 9)
thats our apple we put on the memorial. it says "happy birthday john! we love you!"
" may say i'm a dreamer.
but i'm not the only one.."

a group of guys showed up in the early afternoon and started playing beatles songs.
everyone gathered around and sang along.
the crowd grew and grew.

strawberry fields forever

"i hope someday you'll join us,
and the world will be as one"
by night time, there was a huge crowd and the imagine memorial was basically covered.
it was so much fun to sit around and sing and see everyone join together in remembering john lennon. i should have been a hippie because this was awesome.
all you need is love.

"i just shot john lennon" -mark david chapman

at the dakota where john lennon was shot by mark david chapman on dec 8, 1980.

it happened right outside of these gates where i am standing.
after mark chapman shot him, he sat back down on the ground with his copy of 'catcher in the rye' and when asked what he had just done, he calmly said-
"i just shot john lennon"
and waited for the cops to arrive.
the ironic thing about all of this-
lennon was once asked how he thought he would die,
his response:
"i'll probably be popped off by some loony"

a little bit of culture

one of my favorie things we did-
the rock and roll hall of fame museum with a special john lennon exhibit.

"say you'll share with me one love, one life time.."

thanks to elizabeth for letting me borrow this great coat!
beware the phantom of the opera!

"when you get caught between the moon and new york city, the best thing you can do is fall in love"

ice skating at the rockefeller center

me almost falling while the picture was being taken.
its harder then i thought.

carriage ride through central park

i'm not gonna lie, i didnt want to hold onto the horse to take the picture, but the guy driving the carriage insisted that i did.

central park.
its surreal to see the big green trees and the tall metal buildings in the same skyline.