Tuesday, February 12, 2013

and...here's a picture loaded update.

so i am back.
a lot has been going on, and this little blog has fallen by the wayside; neglected and forgotten.
but its a good time to bring it back. to stay connected to friends and family that care to know what our little family is up to.  
especially since we will be moving to ocala florida in a month.
away from all forms of life as we know it.
yup. you read that right. ocala florida.

cosmo got a job with Lockheed Martin using his degree in aerospace engineering. its awesome for him... not so awesome for me. it will be an adventure and i am trying to keep a smile on my face (but failing miserably)

but in the meantime, here is a sampling (and by sampling, i mean a TON of pictures) of things we have been up to:

van turned 1!
october 19, 2011

black and white theme
before the major meltdown when he didnt want to eat his cake

hadley (shasta's girl) and van telling secrets
"dude, my mom is awesome!"

the aftermath

matching shirts with dad

pumpkin patch and halloween

for halloween, i convince cosmo (still not sure how i did that)
to dress up as characters from the labyrinth
"you remind me of the babe. what babe? the babe with the power.
what power? power of voodoo. who do? you do. do what? remind me of the babe..."
dance magic dance

thanksgiving in st george
we spent most of our time swinging at the park 
just because i love him
watching videos with cousin vivianne on grandma's ipad 

dec 2, van decided he was done with crawling and started walking!
we were watching the christmas devotional and i looked up and he was walking between the couches.
it came as a shock since he had never tried to walk before!

christmas time
christmas shopping in style
little drummer boy

christmas eve looking at lights/trying to get him to sleep!
temple lights

a few random things
playing in the rocks at the park in november with no jacket or shoes or socks

discovering his love for balloons!
van's dirty look he often gives me
this is the life.

apples, raisins, drink, pillows and cartoons.
i think he is spoiled
cuddling with dad before bed watching a video
obsessed with the baby einstein videos on the iPhone
rsv AGAIN! ugh! breathing treatments are a lot harder to give to
a 1 year old then a 2 month old (the last time he got it).
i just had to distract him by letting him watch the aquabats tv show. 

baby yoga. down dog
playing in grandma's backyard in january with no jacket!
looking like a dapper gentleman at church last sunday

playing with grandpa in the front yard.
he loves it because grandpa lets him eat sticks and rocks and dirt
trying out a new toy at a krummenacher family party back in october

used to love getting his teeth brushed. now he hates it!
making faces at himself on the iPhone

new years eve
this kid stayed up until midnight and partied with the rest of us at my parents

feeding the ducks in february

i have gotten into a nasty habit of never taking my good camera with me anywhere because i have my iphone, but that makes for less then good pictures sometimes... so i decided to suck it and haul it with me to the park last week. 
i am so glad i did. 
i loved watching these two together and loved being able to capture some of the sweet rad moments between them.
van is definitely a daddy's boy and loves spending time with cosmo.
i am lucky to have both of them.

i am sure i missed a few things, but that KIND OF catches us up to now. 
this next month, posting may be sparse because of everything that needs to be done before we move, but hopefully i can keep up to date after that so you can know what is going on with us and can follow us on our new adventure in florida.
go gators??