Thursday, May 20, 2010

hypothetically speaking...

when you ask to try on your best friends cute shorts, and she tells you that they are going to be way to big on you, but you argue with her and tell her that they will fit, but she insists that they wont, and then you put them on and they do indeed fit,

what you SHOULDNT say is-


Saturday, May 15, 2010

"youre a wolf, boy get out of this town..."

sometimes i really like being right.
this is one of those moments that makes me sit back, kick my feet up, put my hands behind my head, and smile with a quirky grin and think 'i told you so'

let me preface.

i love concerts. always have. i'm not talking big arena, way too many people being obnoxious, crappy band concerts.
i'm talking small, intimate, sweaty because youre in a little room with no a/c, youre so close to the band that you can see the passion in their eyes, concerts.
i'm hooked. like a drug.

many years ago, someone
(i wont say names, but i do like this person,they just gave bad advice)
told me..well challenged me... to stop going to shows.
told me that i would never find a respectable young man to date and marry that would go to shows with me.
he said that a concert is no place to meet guys.
i tried to explain to him that i went to shows to hear music, not to pick up on guys, but this concept was lost on him. he could not understand how a girl could be into that kind of music scene (he was a part of this music scene in his younger days)

i told him i wouldnt stop going to shows. it was part of my life blood.

he told me that i would never have a nice young man that would go to shows with me once i was married, and when i was married, it would be inappropriate for me to go alone, so i should stop now.

this brings us to present day...

as i stood there listening to sea wolf, head bobbing to the music,
the conversation from the past that was long forgotten popped into my head.

i looked to the left of me, and there was my good respectable husband standing next to me, singing right along.

and i grinned.
i love being right.