Monday, May 14, 2012

being a mom is awesome

for mother's day, cosmo did a little photoshoot with van and gave me the pictures in a little book.
here are the reasons why these made me smile and laugh all at once and reasons you know a dad took the pictures

1) these were taken with his iphone
2) van is not wearing any pants
3) his tie is a newborn tie that i had not packed away yet
4) of course poop has to be included

i was seriously laughing and loving every single one.
i love my boys
cosmo being one of my boys. i'm not making a baby announcement or anything

it started out innocent enough...
the surprise message at the bottom
seriously guys. i love my mom.

eat your heart out ladies
i am one lucky girl
i have loved being a mom these past 7 months
nothing is better
of course i've had my moments where i cry and have no idea what i'm doing, but we all do...right?...RIGHT?!??
i couldnt ask for a better kid. he makes me laugh at the dumbest things and i have turned into one of those mom's that the only thing i ever talk about is my rad baby
but seriously, he is rad... 
i am tired and the wrinkles are collecting under my eyes and i couldnt ask for anything more.
happy mothers day!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

no words.

6 months old
it just keeps getting better.