Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"...imagine no possession.
i wonder if you can.
no need for greed or hunger.
a brotherhood of man.
imagine all the people
sharing all the world..."

we were the second people there to start off the celebration for john lennon's birthday (oct 9)
thats our apple we put on the memorial. it says "happy birthday john! we love you!"
" may say i'm a dreamer.
but i'm not the only one.."

a group of guys showed up in the early afternoon and started playing beatles songs.
everyone gathered around and sang along.
the crowd grew and grew.

strawberry fields forever

"i hope someday you'll join us,
and the world will be as one"
by night time, there was a huge crowd and the imagine memorial was basically covered.
it was so much fun to sit around and sing and see everyone join together in remembering john lennon. i should have been a hippie because this was awesome.
all you need is love.

"i just shot john lennon" -mark david chapman

at the dakota where john lennon was shot by mark david chapman on dec 8, 1980.

it happened right outside of these gates where i am standing.
after mark chapman shot him, he sat back down on the ground with his copy of 'catcher in the rye' and when asked what he had just done, he calmly said-
"i just shot john lennon"
and waited for the cops to arrive.
the ironic thing about all of this-
lennon was once asked how he thought he would die,
his response:
"i'll probably be popped off by some loony"

a little bit of culture

one of my favorie things we did-
the rock and roll hall of fame museum with a special john lennon exhibit.

"say you'll share with me one love, one life time.."

thanks to elizabeth for letting me borrow this great coat!
beware the phantom of the opera!

"when you get caught between the moon and new york city, the best thing you can do is fall in love"

ice skating at the rockefeller center

me almost falling while the picture was being taken.
its harder then i thought.

carriage ride through central park

i'm not gonna lie, i didnt want to hold onto the horse to take the picture, but the guy driving the carriage insisted that i did.

central park.
its surreal to see the big green trees and the tall metal buildings in the same skyline.

and i'm proud to be an american

let me preface this by saying that the first time i went to new york city, i didnt get to see the statue of liberty, so i was excited.

call me a a complete brat, but when i first saw it from the shore, i was under impressed.
its SO SMALL! i was wanting to be HUGE!
its not.
see it?
its way way way in the background.
on the ferry to see the statue of liberty.

aww we match!

ok, so once we got close enough, it was pretty cool.
and i wanted to go sit in the fold of her sleeve.
its now on my "things to do before i die" list.

dialogue wallking into the hotel room

*open door to room*

cosmo: what is this?! i thought i got two twin beds?!
me laughing: these ARE twin beds!
he thought twin beds were doubles.
he got two beds because our friends dick and erica from buffalo were going to drive down for the weekend and meet us. good thing they ended up not being able to come. things would have been extra cozy. those were SMALL twin beds!

"there is no leaving new york"

"start spreading the news. i'm leaving today
i want to be a part of it
new york. new york."
-frank sinatra
here's what else went on in new york:

breakfast at EJ's.
i'm just happy to be here!

this guy was selling these clocks on the side of the road.
RADDEST thing i think i have ever seen, and thats a bold statement.
we bought one. i couldnt resist.
we couldnt take it on the plane, cuz it kinda looks like it could be a bomb, so we're having it shipped to us. its going to be like christmas when i get it!

the LDS Temple.
cosmo says i look like a sister missionary in this picture.
then i punched him in the nose.

fettuchini giovanni at pelligrino's in little italy = heaven in my mouth.

no, i'm not puking it up, i'm shoveling it in.

cosmo's $5 glass of orange juice.
breakfast at city hall

time square

yes please.

papaya king.
cosmo wanted to eat here because kramer on sienfield always talks about it.

this is what we had at papaya king.
hot dog with chili, cheddar cheese, and curly fries on top.
it wrecked my stomach.

my dream come true.
dylan's candy bar.
too bad there were a whole gaggle of annoying kids ruining my good time.

and thats all kids.
new york trip oct 2009.