Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sleep, eat, poop. repeat.

happy one week!
we woke up this morning and all three of us (me, cosmo, & van) were healthy and happy. 
i consider that to be a successful first week.

i hope i am not jinxing myself, but i think we got a rockstar good baby.
he is SO MELLOW and feeds every 4 hours during the night, so we are able to get a little sleep.
he hates being naked and getting his diaper changed, but thats about the only time he cries, and even then, its a pretty pathetic whimper.
he has long skinny girl fingers like his dad, and he has his dad's toes and feet.
he has my nose and cheeks.

if you notice on the left side of his head, he has a pretty good lump. 
he was in the birth canal for over 2 hours.  the rest of his cone head has gone down completely, but they have told us that because he was crowing for so long in that one spot, he has major bruising in the bone and that lump will be there for quite some time. poor kid. my sisters have already nick named him "lumpy".  
good thing its getting close to beanie season!

its crazy how much we love this little guy, even if he does poop all over us and the bed at 3:00 in the morning when we are exhausted and half awake. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

look what we made

Van Kenneth Krummenacher
october 19th, 2011
8lbs 15oz  
(although my doctor said i earned it to just tell people 9 pounds)
22 inches

(yup, those are pants with michael jackson silhouette on them, thanks to erika) 

 first family photo

our little...uhhh... big ninja finally made his appearance early early wednesday morning 
october 19th 2011 @ 3:31am.
i'll tell the whole story later but for now, enjoy the pictures of our cute kid, and i'll go actually enjoy him.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


today is my due date, and the answer is NO
and from the looks of things, this kid is VERY COMFORTABLE where he is at. i feel like that youtube kid 'david at the dentist' when he looks at his dad in desperation and asks- "why is this happening to me?? is this going to be forever?!" 

soo.... to get my mind off that unpleasant realization, here's pictures from my awesome weekend.

me and cosmo are trying to live up our last kidless days, so along with my little sisters angela and erika, we went to see kevin devine on saturday.
he's one of my very favorites. as i have mentioned before, he's a lyrical genius.

me, kevin devine, angela, erika 

since the hard rock cafe is a really small venue, we were able to talk to him afterwards for quite a while. 
me and cosmo have met him several times, and each time he is just as genuine and sincere.  
he was in love with the fact that i was pregnant and talked a lot about how he loves the energy and the thought of a new life growing inside. he was flattered that i would come to his show 9 months pregnant and HE thanked ME for being there and sharing my energy with him.
it sounds cheesy, but it was a cool moment.
 "we wrap bibles up in blankets, just in case we're watched in sleep, but its the slingshots underneath our pillows that keep us calm and rested and relieved.. cuz we're a nation built on eggshells, bandages, and appleseeds. attractive homes on top of bruised foundations that come apart gradually, before they're leveled completely...." 
-kevin devine
me and cosmo enjoying our childless last moments....

it was amazing. the show. not the childless moment... actually that too.

and even though i said i wasnt going to talk about it..  just an update..
my doctor is out of town this week, so if i dont go into labor naturally (which does NOT look like its going to happen) then they will induce me on Tuesday Oct 18th when he gets back. 
in other words, 5 more days and life will never be the same.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

its the final countdown (you have to sing this)

6 days to go until Dday
oct 12th to be exact.
am i foolish to hope for this weekend?
oct 9th is john lennon's birthday, so that would be rad to have him then.
plus, it would mean i would be 3 days early, which would be AMAZING. 

 38 weeks

 39 weeks

both my belly and my swollen feet and ankles continue to grow..

so now we wait.. 
and just for kicks and giggles and to get that awful image of my feet out of your head, 
this is me circa 1984/1985 maybe? 
check out those cheeks! 
poor van doesn't stand a chance....