Thursday, December 16, 2010

army of one

my uncle richard loves the way i dress
(not really)
he's always telling me how awesome i am.
...(sort of)
thanks to him, i can add this little number to my wardrobe.
rich gave me some of his camo pants.
aka fatigues if you want to sound legit.
these are the real deal.
i think he was half way joking, but i, of course, took them.

i hadnt found the right opportunity to wear them.
until today.
something about the rain just made me want to be all i could be.
my dad told me to send a picture to richard from my phone,
but since i still have a phone from the dinosaur ages
(which i happen to love with all my heart)
my sister alisha did the honors and took pictures with her phone to send to him, and since i'm nice, i decided to share them here too.
my nephew brodie had to get in on the action because of how rad he knows i am.
i'm pretty sure they are suppose to be worn clear up on your waist since the crotch is to my knees, but come on, that wouldnt be cool, now would it?