Wednesday, March 18, 2009

brick walls and button eyes

february was a CRAZY month. i'm trying to play catch up so this is just the beginning of it.

we went and saw the pink floyd laser show.
the old pink floyd laser show at the arizona science center was way better than this.
dont get me wrong- the sound system was amazing and the music was amazing, but the actual laser show was.....kind of just..... blah....
"all in all its just another brick in the wall"

then cosmo took me to see the movie coraline in 3-D on opening night.
he had gotten me the book (by neil gaiman if you want to read it) for christmas and we had both read it, so i was super excited to see the movie. plus i love henry selick who was the director. he also directed nightmare before christmas.
(note for everyone saying- 'that was tim burton retard!!' -tim burton WROTE nightmare, but henry selick directed it)

a little scary for kids.....
who am i kidding...a little scary for ME, but i loved it!!!
check out the new 3-D glasses! arnt we cool?!

so this consisted of a couple weekends in february.
stay tuned for the rest of february because i know you're all dying to know how i spend my life.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


between school full time, and work full time, cosmo is usually gone from 6:30AM to about 11:00PM (two nights ago he didnt get home until 2AM because of studying and homework!) so needless to say i dont see him very much on the weekdays.
I've been trying to bring dinner to him at his work on nights i know he will be really late so I have the chance to see him.
so tonight i grabbed us some Slices Pizza (YUMM) and made my trek down to his work (of which i will not name to protect the guilty of the following crime that was just commited) only to find that they were replacing the carpet in his building. His cubical floor was just cement.
who can resist a blank cement floor?
so cosmo proceeded to show his love for me in the best way possible- graffiti!
how gangster are we?!?!

now our declaration of love wil remain secretly hidden under new carpet for the rest of time.
awwww doesnt it make you gag a little in your mouth?
i love him.
i hope he doesnt get fired.