Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"we're a nation full of envy, insecure and losing sleep"

last weekend we went to see kevin devine and the miniature tigers at the phix.
it was a rad little hole in the wall venue that made the whole show very intimate.
we saw kevin devine open up for the band brand new a few years ago, and i have been in love ever since. he is a lyrical genius. right up there next to my all time favorite conor oberst.

the phix was so small that there really wasnt a "backstage". he was just walking around the whole time that the other bands were playing, so we got to meet him and talk to him for a bit.
i always try to be cool and collected in these moments, but always end up star struck and stuttering.
he's such a down to earth, genuine person.

the miniature tigers opened up for him and they were amazingly fun!
we got their cd while we were there and have been listening to it ever since.
i cant wait until they come back.

here's a little taste of kevin devine from the show.
this is just recorded from our little digital camera, so its not the best quality, but you get the idea.


it was angela's senior prom and we all had fun helping her get ready.
mom even made the dress!
as always, she's amazing
bryce and angela

the dreaded boutonniere...

for dinner they went to the landmark and didnt have a group to go with, so me and cosmo got to get dressed up and double with them.

there were alot of prom people there and i personally had a good time judging all of the girl's hair and dresses. most of which i would have loved to go help out...
i dont remember a time when it was ever sexy to show your whole bra in the back. i must have missed the memo where that was suddenly cool because 80% of the girls did it..

thanks ang and bryce for letting us tag along and pretend we were in highschool again.
we had a great time!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"tell it to the volcano..."

happy 28th birthday cosmo!

ok so this is slightly delayed figuring his birthday was march 31st, but i'm just now getting to post these pictures because ya know.... i'm busy.... being unemployed and all..... its hard work!

i had a small group of friends "surprise" him at NYPD Pizza for dinner.
i use the term surprise loosely since he tried to stay at work longer to do homework, and kept trying to push dinner back later and later.
i finally had to tell him there were people waiting for us.
thanks everyone who was patient with all the time changes!!
unfortunately i forgot my camera and didnt get any pictures...

then we came home for cake and ice cream.
you can tell how excited he is

yes. that is a volcano cake. with dinosaurs.
there is dry ice in the middle of it so it was smoking.
thanks mom for helping me create this masterpiece!

cosmo does root beer reviews and saves all the bottle caps, so i put them all in a frame for him.
kind of a selfish move on my part because i was tired of them laying all over the counter, but it turned out looking pretty cool, so it was a win-win situation!

happy be-lated birthday to my most awesome husband!

Monday, May 11, 2009

oh woe is me

on friday i got the not so pleasant news that i was being laid off.
they were just too slow, and since i was the most recently hired, i got the axe first.
i write this post, not for sympathy...
aww who am i kidding!?
of course its for sympathy!
to just ask everyone to keep an ear open for anyone hiring.
it seems to be everyone's story these days...

and on a more pleasant note, i have found comfort in the following 2 items.

thank you mountain dew and circus peanuts for quieting my silent cries at night.
you take away my pain and put me in the beginning stages of being a future diabetic.
i owe you my happiness in this trying time of life.