Monday, June 27, 2011

"you sort of look like a hot air balloon" -erika

i'm convinced that people like to see belly pictures just to see how fat youre getting
(at least thats why i like to see them).
so for all of those curious mean people out there...
here you go!



(pretty sure i blew up over night this week, and if i look tired, its because i am. i have a ninja inside me that decides night time is a good time to practice karate.)

so far my loving sisters have told me that i have "pregnant fat face" and while attempting to shop for clothes that fit, i walked out in one shirt only to hear the comment- "you sort of look like a hot air balloon".... which was quickly followed up by "but a really cute hot air balloon!" when she saw the tears starting to form in my eyes.  oh the joys of pregnancy hormones.

and i had to share this lovely gem...
for mothers day, cosmo made a mini jenn out of donuts with pregnant belly and all.
i love how creative he is. he keeps me smiling.

the pregnancy is.....going.....
while i'm thrilled to be pregnant and to start our family, the whole act of being pregnant is pretty crappy.
no one ever really tells you that. 
next time i hear a girl say how she just LOVES being pregnant,
i'm going to have her tell that to my swollen feet