Thursday, April 5, 2012

just bragging.

i love dressing van.
pretty sure we have one of the raddest babies ever.
 i usually find myself giggling as i put him in a new outfit.
i have to get it out of my system now while he cant protest.
 thanks to aunt shasta for the awesome beatles onesie

 look at those cheeks!

one of my favorite pictures of van.
he looks like a little man!

van is 5 months old.
he is rolling over but is pretty lazy and doesnt think its that cool, so it doesnt happen very often.
he will sort of sit up by himself, but realizes he's doing it and falls over.
he will go to sneeze and and cant get it out so he will coo. "ah-ah-cooo" it makes me laugh every time.
he is a night owl and thats when he comes alive, but once he goes to sleep, he will sleep through the night and sleeps in until about 9-9:30am. he definitely is my child.
he LOVES his dad and cosmo can always, without fail, get him to laugh a deep belly laugh.
when his dad gets home from work, cosmo will take van away from me and tell him that he just saved him from the "redheaded devil woman". van thinks its hilarious and always laughs at it.
he loves looking at himself in the mirror.
he rarely cries unless he's hungry or tired....except for this past week...
he is teething big time and is a drooly congested cranky mess, but i still dont feel or see any teeth.
(if anyone has suggestions for teething PLEASE SHARE! i have tried everything! he HATES cold things in his mouth and the gels and tablets only calm him for 5-10 minutes)

he is so happy and melts my heart every time he smiles at me.
he is very social and wants to be a part of things.
he loves flirting with pretty girls and will grin at them super big and then gets shy and will bury his head into my chest.
he loves his turtle that hangs from his car seat, his crinkly elephant, and his blanket.
he has just discovered blowing rasberries with his mouth and thinks its funny to spit all over everything.
he has really strong (fat!) legs that he loves to stand up on and his dad calls them his kick murder legs.
he doesnt like to be held for very long. he will start to fuss and the second you lay him down, he'll grin and know he got his way.
he loves his bath and loves getting his feet rubbed. yes. he's spoiled.
this kid already has us wrapped around his chubby little finger and we love his guts!