Tuesday, April 21, 2009

to answer your question- yes.

i do, in fact, have the two cutest nephews ever.
thanks for asking.
brodie (alisha's) and garrett (ken and delaina's)
(and yes, i bought brodie his shoes. that kid is STYLIN!)

"when i make it to moab, i'll get my canteen filled"

one of cosmo's good friends got married up in moab, utah. so we took a fast road trip in the blur that was march.

we left arizona's sunny warm weather, and ended up in snowy cold moab.
dont get me wrong, i'm not complaining. i LOVE that weather, but i was not prepared at all.

and just an FYI for everyone- there is not a target or walmart, or clothing store for that matter, in moab where one could purchase a jacket because one was freezing her butt off.

me, afton & theo (the newly married couple..those poor fools), and cosmo

we had a good time and got to see a lot of cosmo's friends.
i also got to meet one of his ex girlfriends, and was sad to see that she was not fat like i had hoped, and was in fact quite pretty.
thats ok. what i lack in looks, i make up in awesomeness.

thanks to the walstons for giving us a bed to sleep in and for all the great food!

b&b excavating, straightline utilities. this is jenn. how may i help you?

in the beginning of february i got a new job!

ok... so i dont actually drive these things, but they let me get in it and actually operate it so i could get a feel for what we do.
dont i look cool? i felt cool, so just say yes.

i am now working at b&b excavating/straightline utilities.
we are a wet and dry utilities/excavating company.
when you get held up in traffic because of construction on the US60 by Mill Ave, or on the I-17 and a little bit of the construction going on at gilbert and university.
thats us.
you're welcome.

i am in charge of accounts payables and receivables for both companies.
it has been a big challange, but its been good for me.
keeps me on my toes.
maybe they'll let me become an operator one day...
i'm still trying to talk them into it...

rain, rain, go away. come again some other day

i've decided that someone upstairs does not want me eating smores.
those who are my true loyal fans, remember that some time ago, i tried to roast marshmallows with my family and it was smoldering hot outside.

well this time, it was raining.
but i was still bound and determined to get my smore fix.

and luckily i have nice friends that humor me.

it took shane forever to get the fire lit.
something about the rain getting it wet... it was a good excuse.

i love this picture of me and cosmo.
basically sums up our whole relationship!
he really does love me... i promise.

i LOVE these two people.
josie and shane.

aww look how happy i am.
thats all it takes.
i'm easy to please.

my little sisters erika and julia tagged along.
and yes, thats an umbrella.

next time if i invite anyone out to roast marshmallows, just be warned- some weird weather crisis will happen, but we'll stick it out all for the gooey goodness straight from heaven known to most as a simple smore.