Sunday, August 28, 2011

is this real life?

one month and some change to go until D-day.
i am hot and swollen and done.
gross huh?

we put up the crib a couple weekends ago, and it made it a little too real..
i walk by the room now and see the crib and think-
"oh crap. this is really happening.."

 i LOVE this crib.. it is the same crib my mom used for all 8 of us kids, and my little sister used it for my nephew as well.  it has a lot of memories attached to it, including the chew marks on the sides from me teething.... i guess i liked the taste of crib.
 embarrassing fact- i bought this baby bedding before i was even pregnant. it was on sale, and i loved it and couldn't pass it up. good thing we are having a boy! 
cosmo painted this wooden rocket ship to match the bedding and we'll be putting it somewhere in the room once i figure out what i want to do.

 33 weeks pregnant. 

and just to put icing on the cake of this thing really happening, our carseat came this week. 

what have we gotten ourselves into?

sugar and spice and everything nice? OR snakes and snails and puppy dog tails?

back in april 
(yeah it was 4 months ago and this is old news to everyone, don't judge, i'm pregnant..)
we found out the sex of our baby and had a gender reveal party to tell everyone what it was.

 i made cupcakes and put blue or pink filling in the middle depending on what the sex was

 as you can see, all the treats and drinks were blue and pink.
i had asked my mom to make divinity (above) and she was so sure it was a girl, so made WAY more pink.

 can't have a party without steve's krazy subs!

 team BLUE

 team PINK

its a... BOY!

we broke the "krummenacher curse"
every one of cosmo's brothers have had girls first. 
we are more then excited (and very relieved) to be having a boy!

his name will be 
Van *Kenneth Krummenacher

*middle name subject to change... 
kenneth (my older brother) said we can't name him after him if he's ugly.... 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

weebles wooble but they dont fall down

the other day i was walking (waddling) my pregnant body through the parking lot, dying of heat, when a big SUV stopped to let me cross in front of them.
just as i was thinking of how nice and thoughtful they were, a big buff black guy leaned out the window of said SUV and exclaimed "daaaaaaam girl.. you look like a weeble wooble!"

how was i suppose to respond to that?! "why thank you kind sir, indeed i do! laugh laugh. (cry....)"