Saturday, February 28, 2009

to my "oneness"

happy 1 year to us!!
"technically" we got married on feb 29th. leap day. and since that only happens every 4 years, on the off years we get to celebrate on 2 days! feb 28th AND march 1st. i knew what i was doing!
everyone always says it, but i really cant believe its been a year!

i love being married to my very best friend.
our wedding cake toppers that me and cosmo made
"i am thinking its a sign, that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images
and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned.
and i have to speculate, that God himself did make us into corresponding shapes
like puzzles pieces from the clay"
-postal service

"and at some point i'll call you and tell you i miss you, and you are the point of my days.
and my face will get flushed and my throat will choke up
when you tell me that you feel the same.
you're the first on my list, you're the lotto i've hit, you're the star on the top of my tree.
so tonight i will call you and try to say thank you for being the sun on my face,
i know the worlds almost over, but you make it seem better and i hope for you i do the same.."
-kevin devine

"i cannot say that i was ready for this.
but when worlds collide,
and all that i have is all that i want.
the words seem to flow and the thoughts they keep running.
and all that i have is yours.
all that i am is yours.
so when you say forever, cant you see,
you've already captured me.."

"yours is the first face that i saw.
i think i was blind before i met you.
now i dont know where i am, i dont know where i've been,
but i know where i want to go.
besides maybe this time its different.
i mean i really think you like me.."
-bright eyes

"she smiled in a big way, the way a girl like that smiles,
when the world is hers, and she held your eyes.
and she pulled you in, and she bit your lip, and she made you hers.
she looked deep into you as you lay together, quiet in the grasp of dusk and summer.
and she combed your hair, and she kissed your teeth,
and she made you better then you'd been before.
she told you bad things, you wished you could change in the lazy summer.
some things tie your life together, slender threads of things to treasure,
days like that should last and last and last.."
-dashboard confessional

"and i kissed you in a style that clark gable would have admired.
i thought it classic"
-postal service

"remembering everything, about my world and when you came.
wondering the change you'd bring, means nothing else would be the same.
did you know what you were doing? did you know?
did you know how you would move me? well, i dont really think so.
but the night came down and swept us away,
and the stars they seemed, to paint the most elaborate scene today.
when was the night that showed us the sign?
revealed in the sky, to leave all behind.
and where to begin? throwing caution to the wind,
we reached for the stars, everything was now ours..."

(this was me and cosmo's song that we danced to. its been our song since we started dating and it sums up our relationship. he even proposed to me with the writing on the moon "when was the night, that showed us the sign? revealed in the sky...")

cosmo is an amazing husband and i cant wait to spend eternity with him!
lets make this always a forever.

i love you cosmo!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i'm not bean, i'm a fire breathing dragon - rawr!!

thanks to my cousin scott and his wife lacee,
we were able to enjoy a blast from the past when we received this treasure in the mail.
well...atleast i was. cosmo was skeptical...

for those who have never seen this. it has a jennifer seal of approval.
we grew up watching this and i hadnt seen it for years and years but still remembered every word to every song.

i decided the only way to properly watch this old classic, was to build a fort up in our bedroom.

how jealous are you?!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In Memory of my Grandpa: Charles Lee Sperry

“Life sure aint easy, but it was never supposed to be.
You just learn to love those closest to you and then they up and leave.
‘Don’t worry,’ I can almost hear my Heavenly Father say,
‘That’s why I gave you a memory bank, for tough days like today.’
Thank goodness for His mercy, for all the memories,
we all have of my Grandpa. Mr. Lee Sperry.”
-by Kenneth Whimpey

November 30th, 1928 - February 10, 2009
Last week the world lost the kindest, most loving, hard working man that it has seen.
my grandpa.
crazy that just a month ago we were gathered to celebrate his 80th birthday and he was in tip top shape. he even beat my brother greg at a mercy war.
suzie, tammy, mom (becky), bart, grandma, craig
my mom's family

grandpa always had licorish that he would give the kids. his favorite story that he told me EVERY time i saw him was about a time i asked him for licorish and he told me he didnt have any, to which i replied-'yes you do! i can smell it on your breath!'

my grandpa's first wife, grandma beth sperry, passed away in 1971 and grandpa was buried next to her.
he remarried my grandma LuDean in 1972. she is the grandma I have always known.
i never knew my grandma beth, since she passed away when my mom was 12 but i know i got my pale skin, auburn hair and freckles from her.
grandpa always told me i reminded him of her and would always get a little teary eyed. the big comfort of all of this is knowing he is with grandma beth again. that must have been quite the reunion.

garrett asked ken why he was crying. and ken told him because he was sad. to which garrett said - "well you shouldnt be!! he's gonna be resurrected!"
you have to love the faith of a child.
here is garrett putting a flower and a picture that he drew for grandpa on the casket. (this is where i completely lost it...) garrett was really close to my grandpa sperry because they live right by them. i know he is only 4, but he was so at ease with everything because he knew he'd see grandpa again. i've tried really hard to have garrett's spirit and attitude thru all of this.

my grandpa served as a sargent in the korean war.
they honored him with firing rifles and presenting this flag to my grandma.

the funeral was held on february 14th in nephi utah. it was snowing outside and was so surreal to look around at everyone bundled up in big coats and scarves, to see their tear stained faces and the snow gently falling on top of everyone. i cant even begin to describe the feeling and emotion of it all.
one final salute to my grandpa.
i love you grandpa.
you will be missed tremendously.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

are you a steelers fan? I AM NOW!

usually i could care less about the superbowl.
most of the time it comes and goes without me even noticing.
but when the cardinals made it to the superbowl, and everyone in arizona went crazy about it and became instant cardinals fans,
i, being the childish person i am, had to root against them.


i'm not sure where this need of going against the grain stems from, but i acknowledge it, and i embrace it.

back to the steelers.

i knew everyone at church would be in red and white to show their new found love and support to their new favorite football team.

so i, along with my husband (i love that he humors me) showed our new found love and support to our new favorite football team.

whenever i take pictures with cosmo it usually takes 2 tries.
this was our first attempt, he's making fun of me standing pigeon toed...

much better.
i only wish a team with more flattering colors could have made it.

and ps... just in case you hadnt heard.....the steelers won. and now they are going to disneyland.
yay for us!