Saturday, August 30, 2008

"i want you to notice when i'm not around"

I've become slighly obsessed with blogging lately (atleast according to cosmo). so here's another post!
this past week cosmo left me and took a little man-date with our friend sean to san diego.
the purpose of the trip was to see radiohead in concert.
i didnt go because i had just started a new job, and i like radiohead, but i didnt like them enough to pay that much for a ticket....
but these two groupies did!
so off to cali they went, just as excited as two little girls.

cosmo and sean at the show. they were pretty far away, but atleast not clear in the back.
after the show, they stayed an extra day and went to the beach. this is where my jealousy sets in
playing a few rounds of bocce ball.
this is cosmo thinking about how much he missed me.
apparently this is what boys do when they are away from their wives...
cosmo is a seaweed monster.

they had alot of fun and said the show was more then amazing.
i'm glad he had a good time, but i'm glad he wasnt gone for long.
i had to sleep with the lights on and it wasnt very fun.

if you didnt catch on, the title of this post is radiohead lyrics. i'm so clever.

Friday, August 29, 2008

smooth criminal

for those of you who dont know- i have a slight, unnatural obsession with the king of pop: michael jackson!
and on that note:
**happy 50th birthday
michael jackson!!**

i heart him forever and ever.
almost as much as i heart cosmo... almost...
and in the king of pop's infamous words:
"if youre thinking of being my baby, it dont matter if your black or white"
**and on another little side note: its me and cosmo's 6 month anniversary today. yay us!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


" look at me! i am so cool!"
here is his incision for all of your viewing pleasures
7 weeks before we were suppose to get married, cosmo broke his hip snowboarding.
i personally wouldnt recommend it, in case you were considering it.
he's been doing really well and it hasnt seemed to slow him down at all.
he has a lovely scar, that he'll proudly show anyone that asks, and even those that dont ask.
i think my favorite part of the story was that he was trying to show off for a girl before he went off the jump. her boyfriend had just gone down the hill and cosmo was asking her if he was any good. he then proceeded to tell her he was awesome, and told her to "check this out!".
then he went off a big jump and crashed.
thats what he gets for trying to impress another girl.
karma makes me giggle.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the adventures of the babysitter club

our good friend becca needed someone to watch her little 2 year old girl sydney today while she was at work.
i had the day off, so i jumped in to help
*insert big pat on my back here*
here are our adventures of the day.
**just a side note: every time you tell sydney to smile for the camera, she winks and gives a half smile. it makes me laugh. she is so dang cute!!**

me and sydney just hanging out watching little einstein
my house wasnt very kid friendly, so sydney drove us to my mom's house to find more toys
sydney and my nephew brodie meet.
they weren't too sure about eachother at first, but became fast friends!

sydney coloring dora the explorer.
outside trying to find bugs in the trees. it was too hot, so this didnt last long...
i looked over while i was making a sandwhich for lunch and noticed sydney had found my shoes.
she has great fashion sense already!

we had a blast hanging out. i found myself a little buddy and i hope she comes to play again soon! it was good to get my baby fix in so i dont get any crazy ideas....

Monday, August 18, 2008


If you just sat and stared at this picture with your mouth half open for a good full minute, then you had the same reaction as myself.
I hate to admit i was even involved with this. unfortunately, i was the one behind the camera.
somehow, all the boys got it in their heads to grow a mustache.
and then somehow it turned into this.
from left to right: lafe, cosmo, sean, steve, and dick in all their glory.
sean did photoshop with the background and fixed some of the hair.
besides that, this is all real folks.
and dont worry, there are more. they are still being worked on.
so hopefully i can bring more shame and embarrassment to them and share more of these with you as they come.
stay tuned.
(i actually think cosmo's hair looks really hot...)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

what happens in vegas, stays in vegas... the honeymoon!

we were suppose to go on a cruise for our honeymoon, but due to cosmo's amazing snowboarding skills which led to a broken hip (i will post about that later...) we ended up going to vegas, which was an absolute blast!we stayed at the bellagio (amazing!) and this was the view from our window.
when the fountains went off we could look straight down and watch them from our room.
we watched the fountains outside too. even though i was FREEZING!
we went to FAO Shwartz (its a big toy store for those that dont know) and i threatened to run off with this dude. him and cosmo battled to the death.
lego lou may he rest in peace...
cosmo attempting to play chopsticks on the big piano
(just like the one in the movie BIG)
if i can figure out how to post video, I have video of me rocking out on it.
you would be impressed!

we took a gondola ride at the venetian. the girl steering the boat starting singing and it creeped me out.
visiting the titanic exhibit, which was way rad if you have the chance to go to it.
at the beginning they give you a boarding pass and at the end there is a huge list of survivors and deaths. you could look and see if the name on your boarding pass was a sinker or a floater. ok, so it sounds cheesy, but i got excited by it. i lived. cosmo died. just like in the movie. "i'll never let go jack. i'll never let go.."

Cirque du Soleil
The Beatles

Possibly one of the coolest things i have ever seen.
"WOW" is all i can really say. just wow.
a little pricey, but well worth the money. heck, i'll go back if you need someone to go with.

we did a lot more, but i didnt want to overload you with pictures!
we had an amazing time!


back to the beginning...

i'm going to give everyone a quick history lesson.
about us of course.
we were friends for a long time. years and years.
the exact amount of years is debatable depending on which one of us you ask.
until one fine day (cinco de mayo to be exact), I tricked cosmo into kissing me.
he was done for. (are you surprised?)
which turned into several more kisses...

which led to this!

(this is me and cosmo in hawaii on top of mauna kea right before he proposed. for those of you who havent heard the story- here goes the short version: we went to hawaii and visited a huge observatory there. cosmo had set up a telescope among the other telescopes already there and had me look through it. He had put a film over the top so when i looked through it at the moon, it looked like there was writing on the moon that said- "jenn will you marry me?" then i turned around and he was down on his knee with the ring. it was the greatest ever!) awwwww

and finally THIS!

As of right now we are happy and loving life! i'm going to slowly update this with things that have been going on in the past, to things going on now in the present, so hold tight and stay patient!

class dismissed.

the moment you've all been waiting for!

yes. i did it. i joined the legions of bloggers and got a blog for my very own. i have been posting on my family's blog for a while now. if you want to go see those posts go to plus, i have hot sisters, so you can go look at them too.
i might steal a few of the posts that i posted over there and copy them here, just because i can. so bring on the fun and lets do this!