Tuesday, September 30, 2008

yay for me and my birthday part 2

i woke up on my birthday to the sound of cosmo singing happy birthday to me and carrying breakfast. waffles with strawberries and whip cream. mmmmmm....
i blew out the candle and made a wish, and the day began!
if you notice, the waffles are blue, and they are on a blue plate.. see previous post for the explanation on this...

along with a few other gifts: a vintage metal stawberry shortcake lunchbox! and dexter season 2, cosmo took me on a shopping spree. i think he immediately regretted it...
here are my 3 favorite stores.

i've found that its hard to find things to buy when i know i have $$$ to spend.
why is that? when i'm broke, i can find TONS of things i want!

after dragging cosmo around town, we went out to dinner with some friends to joe's farm & grill.
good food and great company

left to right: ashley, josh, me, and wood
cosmo, me, cheryl, and travis
yes, i have suspenders on. they were one of my great finds of the day! i got made fun of relentlessly, but i know they were all secretly jealous.

i know everyone says they have the best husband ever, but i really do.
i would fight you for it, but i'm kinda a wuss, so just take my word for it.

ash, me, and cheryl
i love these girls.

so birthday #26 was a huge success!!
thank you to everyone that called and text and posted birthday wishes!
and for those that forgot, or thought your 1 year anniversary was more important..not naming names....shasta..... you are dead to me. you can redeem yourselves next year on sept 27th 2009.

"if its your birthday we'll make a blue cake, and we'll eat it off these blue plates.."

on monday night for fhe, we celebrated my birthday with my family. it was really fun to have them all over to our home sweet home.
cosmo made me a blue cake with blue plates again.
its becoming a little tradition.
(this stems from a lyric in a song by my favorite band bright eyes. -see title of post-)
my first birthday that we had together when we were dating, he came up with this on his own and surprised me with blue cake and blue plates, and he's done it every year since.
singing happy birthday to me!
brodie stole a taste of frosting. he may or may not have had some help from me......
we got a 3 foot sub from steve's krazy subs and chowed it down so fast that i missed getting a picture of it.
then we all crammed into the living room and played boom blox on the wii
(brodie has scary demon eyes in this picture!)

the mastermind behind all of the birthday events.
isnt he chaming!?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

happy birthday to me!

if you didnt know what today is, its MY 26th BIRTHDAY! yay!
i will be the first to admit that i am a HUGE brat on my birthday and its all about me,

so get those birthday wishes ready and send them my way!!

if you'll notice, even google celebrates my arrival onto this earth.
(actually its google's birthday today too, so i get this treatment every year, but my birthday is more awesome then google's so i trump it and this display is really for me)

if you happen to see me today, i will be parading around in all my glory and awesomeness listening to my birthday mix that cosmo made me last year for my birthday. - a whole cd full of any song that mentions birthdays in it that he compiled together. its so rad. and now you are all jealous because you dont have a birthday mix.

good. thats the way it should be.

happy birthday to me!

Friday, September 26, 2008

i was tagged... crazy 8's

bethann tagged me, and i have to be honest, i was going to let it slide by and not do it, but i got home from work early and had some time to kill before cosmo got home. i also thought it would be fun to use pictures instead of words....which took alot longer then expected. so you better appreciate this. here it goes!

8 tv shows i watch:

8 favorite restraunts:

8 things that happened yesterday:

8 things i look forward to:

<--this represents my birthday by the way, which is tomorrow, so get those birthday wishes ready!! SEPTEMBER 27th!

8 things i love about the fall:

8 things on my wish list:
i couldnt decide between the 3 hoodies, so they all count as 1 thing.

i tag:
shasta, erica, brittany, bea, amy, kristina, katie, and amber.
so take that! i hate doing them too, so just do it.
**erica- i stole the cute picture of your family from your blog. hope you dont mind. i'm excited to come see you!!