Wednesday, September 30, 2009

happy golden birthday to me!

birthday #27 was a golden success!!
(golden birthday= i turned 27 on the 27th)

cosmo wrapped all my presents in gold wrapping paper, and had golden ballons and gold on the cake. i couldnt have asked for a more creative husband.

happy birthday to me!

make a wish!

the elusive triple high five!

"if its your birthday, we'll make a blue cake, and we'll eat it off these blue plates"
(see birthday post from last year for explanation)

we had papa murphey pizza for dinner.
bought them the night before, and cooked them up for my family on sunday!
my family playing buzz quiz
thanks everyone for all the fun and attention!
i couldnt have asked for a better birthday!
they just keep getting better and better. i'm already looking forward to next year!

give me presents

surprise after surprise..

i teach mia maids in church, and the young women heart attacked my house and chalked up my patio.

lots of help opening presents from garrett and brodie

brodie (with a little help from alisha) made me a card and was showing me everything he drew

old vintage records (the doors, pink floyd, the beatles, and fleetwood mac)

my little brother greg made me a flower. awwww

the monsters of folk cd. pure genius.

garrett made me a book and wrote me a story about cosmo coming to save me while i was doing my hair. it was a true literary piece of work.

my hoodie that i bought for myself a while ago. i went to wear it and asked cosmo if he had seen it, he told me- "dont worry about it". i opened it up on my birthday...surprise!

my last gift from cosmo... what is this... an apple??
and what is this?? a report?

the big apple
he has the whole thing planned and booked and paid for.
he requested time off work for me and everything.
we leave october 8th.
things on his itinerary he made up for me:
carriage ride in central park, phantom of the opera on broadway, ice skating at the rockefeller center, rock and roll hall of fame, the met, lots of good eatin' ,and (the main reason we're going) the memorial for john lennon's birthday.
i am beyond excited and i really do have the best husband ever.
he made my golden birthday one to never forget!
love you cosmo!
"you may say i'm a dreamer. but i'm not the only one..." - john lennon

birthday fun for everyone! mainly me!

to start off my birthday weekend festivities,
we had dinner at joes farm and grill with friends

the girls
shasta, jenn, cheryl, josie

the whole gang
josie, shane, sean, cosmo, jenn, tanner, shasta, cheryl, travis
(not pictured: wood)

cosmo and jenn
(nope, he cant pull a normal face)

we had lots of laughs and falling scorpions.

erika's birthday song to me

my little sister erika changed the words to the beatles song 'come together' for me as my birthday present.
i could not stop laughing. she just makes fun of me the whole time, and its great! she sang it to me once, and we didnt get it recorded. luckily they made her call my older brother in utah and sing it for him, and i caught the magic on camera!

here are the lyrics in case you couldnt understand them:

(happy birthday to jenn style)

here come old jenny she come groovin up slowly
she got googly eyeball she one roller derby
she got hair, red and greasy as can be
got to take a shower or you'll get a disease
She wear no high heels, she got finger toe syndrome
she got bearded husband, she cry hair cut problem
she say "ooooh no, dont you judge me!"
one thing i can tell you is you got to be free
she pops your acne she got black head lovin
she got sleep disorder, she got fibromyalgia
she got witches mole right on her chin
sadly she will never have an asian baby as kin
she wears her kanye, she got nerdy symptoms
she work many hours she got mean co-workers
she say "i am right and she is wrong"
i just dont think that we were meant to get along

Friday, September 25, 2009


i feel like being nice and giving everyone a little reminder to save our friendship-
you have 2 days to get those birthday wishes ready!
AND its my GOLDEN birthday-->turning 27 on the 27th!
so make them good!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i love this boy.

"love is real. it is not just in novels or the movies. it is fact. and it is standing here right in front of you. so if you open your eyes, oh what a sweet discovery, there is hope, and there is joy, and there is acceptance. so now let all of the light that collects on your plants keep you warm, make you smile. and i will be there with this pen in my hand to record all the while you'll be laughing so loud that the house would shake with sound and everything will be as new as the day it was found. love is real. it is not just in long distance commercials. or something that you thought you felt back in high school. so I will turn black and white become that horoscope you're reading. it predicts something good is on its way. oh, and then I will send you the world green and blue in a box through the mail. you can open it up, hold it right in your hand and be glad that it's there and be glad that you're there. now you can feel all the knots in your stomach start to untie. and suddenly it's not so hard to say you're all right. love is real. it is not just in poetry and stories. it is truth, and it will follow you everywhere you go from now on. so if you'd just cast off your doubt then your lips would answer for you, oh my darling, when you smile, it is like a song and I can hear it now..." -conor oberst

Friday, September 11, 2009

you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince

and i'm not talking about my husband...

the story goes as follows:

i am PICKY about my hair...
now it may not look like it from photos on this blog because my hair has been ignored for too long..
i have been in search of 'the one'.

after a long loving relationship with mike, i called up the salon to schedule an appointment, when they dropped the bomb on me that he no longer worked there.
i had no idea he was leaving. he left without saying goodbye.
i wept.

after being carelessly dumped by mike, my broken heart and bad hair were in search of someone to fill his shoes.... his stylish fashionable shoes....

i searched high and low for over 3 years.
hair cut after hair cut.
this one too short, that one too poofy, most of them just not right.
tears were cried.

i decided to take a break.
my poor hair had suffered greatly and just couldnt take it anymore.
i had stopped trying.

on a whim, (and after cussing out my hair that morning)
i decided to give it one. last. chance.
and thats when i found him.


his name rings music in my ears, and his scissors make my hair have wings (but not literally, that was out in the 70's).

my life is whole once again.
no longer will i walk the streets with split ends and a tear in my eye.
no longer will my hair go unloved and unkempt.
i can start living.

today, i jennifer krummenacher, have found my hair soulmate.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

our still lives posed, like a bowl of oranges

at the wedding, me and cosmo had a little bit too much fun taking pictures of ourselves...
sneak peek:
we ended up fitting into the era of the house way too well.
random unknown people kept stopping us and asking to take a picture of us.

i wont lie, i felt cool.
i have to thank shasta for letting me borrow the dress, angela for the sweater, and julia for the shoes. there is no way i could look this girly on my own.
we have alot better pictures on my cousin tyler's camera, so there are more to come, but i couldnt help but give you a quick taste..
dont worry baby birds, i wont leave you hungry.

there was love, all around, but i never heard it singing, no i never heard it at all, till there was you

my cousin tyler got married in august and me and cosmo were lucky enough to go to southbend indiana for the wedding.

lauren and tyler

cosmo was one of the groomsman.
before me and cosmo got married, tyler and cosmo became instant friends when they bonded over video games and music.

uncle richard and aunt kathy

lacee and scott (scott is ty's brother)

me and cosmo

now i aint sayin' she's a gold digger

the rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding
i spent the entire time behind a camera lense.

ty asked me to use his awesome amazing camera to capture all of the events since he was preoccupied with getting married and all...
i was happy to oblige.

but because of this, most of the pictures i took were on his camera, so i'm waiting for a cd of all the pictures from him.
*hint hint* ty
this is where they got married.
it was the old studebaker mansion.
ya know, the guy that made the cars.
it was way way rad.

cosmo called me kanye all weekend because of my rad sunglasses.

grandma, grandpa, and me and richard on the left with his head cut off.

cosmo and richard spent the rehearsal dinner playing pinball.
i was extremely impressed with richards skills.
cosmo's skills.....not so much...... but i still love him.

things i learned about southbend indiana:
1. its humid.
2. i loathe the humidity worse then the heat
3. its humid
4. there are certain parts of town that two completely white women should never go alone. me and kat learned this one the hard way...
5. its humid

the windy city

after the wedding, we were able to go spend a day in chicago with my uncle richard and aunt kathy and grandma and grandpa.
in chicago the following events took place:

met forrest gump at the bubba gump shrimp co.
he loved me because my name was jenn..... jenny....
dirty chicago hot dogs

they looked disgusting to me, so i just got mine drenched in cheddar cheese.

what the...?????
we have no idea...

the big giant bean.

unfortunately we didnt get many good pictures of it.
a HUGE rainstorm hit out of nowhere and they made us leave the premises faster then i could blink. apparently its a huge lightning rod.

finished the day at lou malnatis.
last time we were in chicago, we asked a garage tennant where the best chicago style pizza was. we didnt want the touristy crap, we wanted real good chicago pizza and he sent us here.
it did not disappoint.
so we had to revisit it while we were there.
richard and cosmo.
both happy from a delicious meal.

a few things i learned about chicago:
1. its really clean. which surprised me
2. it really IS the windy city and my hair was not grateful.
3. parking is expensive
4. because of this, we walked. alot.
5. mother nature does not mess around when it rains there. i was DRENCHED
6. you DONT want to get lost in the bad parts of town...